What are platforms? Literally platforms are raised surfaces usually to give more visibility or height, in this context platforms would be referred to as anything (opportunities) that amplifies your skills, talents, expertise, products and services.
Which brings us to another question, why do we need platforms? Platforms are catalysts, they propel you into becoming better, they give you visibility and enhanced audience reach, platforms creates opportunities, they create that push factor for your brand and helps you develop mastery of your skills.

Leveraging for business success

Platforms are great marketing tools and a proper understanding of each platform helps in utilizing them. How to select the Ideal platform. No marketing strategy can ever be truly effective without first identifying and analyzing your ideal client, based on the information derived from proper analysis of your Ideal client you can identify the platforms that resonates with them. Brands who want to strategically position themselves should be on the lookout for platforms with an audience reach that matches their ideal clients and leverage on such platforms creatively.

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