Taglines aren’t just cliche’s they are strategic to your brand. Many brands downplay the importance of having one or even including one in their marketing campaign which is because they’re unaware of it’s importance.
A tagline is an Idea! A tagline is an Idea (Just in case you missed the first one), It’s a subtle message that registers in the minds of your customers/consumers it helps sell your brand simply because it connects with the emotions of people.

How do you pick a Tagline? (Don’t just pick it because it sounds cheesy, some clichè’s are ridiculous)
The best place to start is to identify what it is you want your brand to be known for (Quality, Class, Customer Service, Uniqueness, Creativity, Prompt Delivery, Taste, Style, Integrity) -Differential Advantage. First Identify that Unique attribute that you want your brand to be known for then create a tagline or phrase that drives home that attribute creatively.

A tagline helps you stand out, a tagline enforces your brand in the minds of your customers, it helps you sell that unique offering, It differentiates your brand and a tagline sticks to memory! Your tagline should never be excluded from your marketing campaign it’s a part of the Brand’s Identity.

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