This masterfully crafted residential property located in the ultra modern, extra luxurious Banana Island is a beauty to behold. Tastefully designed to meet every fantasy and desire you would ever imagine.
The Giuliano De’medici Comprises of eight units of extremely luxurious five Bedroom terrace apartments, two state of the art pent houses built with so much finesse and impeccable class, the pent houses have been described to be the best penthouses in Nigeria.

The features of the Giuliano makes it stand out effortlessly graceful amongst many properties in Banana Island.

The beauty of the Giuliano is evident in every detail taken into consideration in the construction which is being handled by a league of world-class experts who are known for their masterpieces in the United Emirates, Italy, United Kingdom and a host of other countries.
It’s breath taking features like the Custom made private elevator, world class Gym, Ultra modern smart home technology, Porscelanosa Interiors, Large kingly rooms, exquisite Italian finishing are the things to expect with a Giuliano De’medici residential apartment. Every apartment is unique and has a touch of Italian history and modern day technology wrapped up in one to give you the Giuliano effect.

The Giuliano De’medici is owned and developed by Sujimoto Construction, one of Africa’s leading experts in the construction of world class luxury properties. The Giuliano De’medici is the first real-estate property in Nigeria to offer it’s Buyers a five year warranty and has experienced a sales rate of eighty percent in the first three months of construction.

The Giuliano De’medici is proposed to be complete by the 30th of October.

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