It’s popular belief that to start investing in Real estate, you would need to have a huge amount of money set aside to start the process which has a lot of truth to it owing to the fact that the Nigerian Mortgage system isn’t as robust as with Mortgage facilities in most developed countries. Access to funds for housing purposes in Nigeria is very limited and comes with high interest rates and are mostly available for existing players in the industry not to people who are just starting out in their property investment journey.

While this can be very discouraging , it has also led to people resorting to other methods that now make property financing easier and accessible.
If you have been experiencing restrictions in entering the real estate industry simply because of your lack of funds or limited access to funds, here are a few ways you can achieve your dreams without breaking the bank.

Joint Venture (JV)

This is a wonderful way of entering the industry and the most flexible of all. As the name implies it’s entails parties coming together with similar interests and working together to achieve a particular Goal. Joint Ventures are tailormade to suite any purpose, it could be between a land owner and a developer or investors crowd funding to buy a property or piece of land. In Joint Ventures (JV) ┬áthere are no hard and fast rule to it the ultimate goal in a JV is that the interests of all the parties in a JV are duly taken into consideration.

Property Installment Plans

The rise in private sector involvement in the real-estate industry has made it easier for ownership of property. Not only is the ownership of real estate de-mystified but it has become accessible to the entire public. Owning a land or house never got easier, all you need to do is walk into a verified property company and subscribe to their existing housing schemes that suits you.

Most property companies allow customers to make installments which ranges from three months to two years and even four years usually with an added charge so feel free to ask for installment rates and compare prices taking location into consideration before you decide.

Cooperative Societies

These are a group of people with common or similar interest who come together to form a body. These societies enjoy economies of scale in buying anything even in buying real estate prices usually come heavily discounted because of the numbers which these cooperatives buy and most times they allow their members spread payments over a period of time. The only downside to this is that you might not be able to enjoy the freedom of choosing the property you want to buy since it is a bulk purchase.

Joint Venture

Exchanging Services for land.

Like every trade, trade by barter exists in the real estate sector. This way of owning real estate is one of the oldest forms, usually it involves a professional offering his/her services to a land owner in exchange for land and this is usually common in places where lands come at low prices or areas that are still undeveloped or Virgin lands.

Land Agents can exchange their services and collect lands instead of commissions, Surveyors and Lawyers are also not left out in this type of transaction.

Do you have other ways individuals can invest in real estate with little capital?  Please leave your comments below.

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