True life story

Tunde (Name changed)  wanted to start a business, his dream was to own a poultry where he would grow chickens and supply to one of the markets in Lagos. He decided to buy a land instead of renting, he bought two plots of land for less than N500,000 in a remote place and used the remaining funds to set up his poultry.


Over the years, Tunde’s poultry has increased in capacity and has continuously generated revenue. While Tunde was going about his business, this remote place was gradually attracting residents, schools and businesses and was increasing in economic value. Less than 9 years after Tunde moved to this remote place, it has now turned to a small town and Tunde sees the need to move his poultry to a less populated area and he puts his property up for sale.

Tunde sells his property for a whooping N15,000,000 and he is off to another property, do you think he’ll buy or rent?

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