In the past decade or more the property industry has evolved from being an industry which allows only individuals with financial means to an industry that is more welcoming to the middle class and individuals who have a steady income. Due to major key players like Adron Homes, Landwey and a host of others who introduced affordable installment plans over long periods, entry barriers to the real-estate industry has been broken down making property buying processes easy and less capital intensive.
Which in turn has led to increased investments by individuals and a booming property market. 15 years ago it was unrealistic for individuals who just entered the labour market to contemplate owning their own property without saving for long hard years to acquire it now it’s become as easy as owning a pension plan or health insurance with proper planning and the right structures in place owning property has become very easy.

Asides the Joy that come from owning property without having to save for long hard years buying property using installment plans allows you buy property early before they appreciate in value, it’s common to see individuals who buy a 3 year property plan and before the end of the 3rd year, the property has appreciated considerably in value saving them the cost of inflation on their investment if the same amount was kept in the bank and giving them great returns on investments.

With this trend we find so many property companies towing this path, property companies now see the need to put convenience into property ownership, the 21st Century individual wants to invest in real estate and also wants to have the resources to live their best lives alongside. By allowing investors pay in installments the investor is happy and the property gets sold, a win-win situation for all parties involved! We don’t see this property installment trend going away anytime soon rather I belief it would help in making property buying easier and influence mortgage financing a great length.

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