I’m at the prime of my life, the youth in me wants to explore the world, she has big dreams and wants to have it all. I imagine what it would feel like dipped in beautiful pools found in Bali’s lavish and exotic resorts or shopping in the high end stores of Istanbul, thanks to Instagram I have a heavy itinerary on things to do should the time come for all these dreams to come through. I’m completely sold on the idea of buying experiences instead of tangible things that fade away or looses its value with time but i’m constantly reminded of the financial toll these fantasies can take on a person. How do you balance living the kind of life that you badly desire without going broke?

Does this sound like you?

Maybe you don’t want to travel so many miles to go soak yourself in a pool, you would rather have access to things you’ve always desired, over time I’ve come to see that we can all have the things we desire if we’ll be patient enough for it and work towards getting it. The pressure only comes when we try to attain these things within an unrealistic time frame. Having all the things I want is good but having them guilt free is better, you’ll never look back on the money decisions you made and wish you were smarter.

It’s good to buy experiences but while buying them set some aside for your future, while enjoying this beautiful life right now, ensure you are creating structures to sustain it. Invest early and let your money work for you while you’re basking in Bali or wherever you fancy. You can have it all if you plan it right.


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