In past years Gypsum Ceilings and wall decorations have been a trend for only the Elites but now it has become a property staple because of its aesthetic and inherent benefits.

Gypsum popularly called Plaster of Paris (POP) when used in home decorations have the ability to take any space from ordinary to glamorous. It allows for the flow of creativity since designs can be made to suit individual preferences and home designs. Gypsum designs are long lasting and don’t go out of style especially when designs are kept simple.

Asides the Aesthetic uses of gypsum, its other benefits includes being a high fire resistance material and having a low thermal conductivity which means that it helps keep heat out which is great for Nigerian Climate conditions and in the case of a fire outbreak unlike wood or other materials it would burn slowly giving you enough time (which is important) for a rescue.

Gypsum is great for walls and is paints’ best friend want a better look on your walls after painting? Its advised that gypsum be applied on your walls.

At CI Realty Solutions we create timeless pieces in your home and give your spaces a luxurious feel. From 3D Design illustrations to installations we ensure that we bring you the most value for money.
Our designs help create a beautiful ambience and long lasting impressions. We are the wow effect in POP installations.

We guarantee great results and because we know our worth, we give a warranty on all our jobs.

Don’t settle for cheap options that you’ll bear the extra cost that comes with a poorly done job or usage of substandard materials.

We adhere to industry standards and our prices are very competitive.

Let’s transform your home with our expertise send us a mail on or call the numbers 08064709273, 07084642071 to get a quote.

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