Building a home is a major expense, for most people it’s the biggest expense they would ever make in their lives. Sometimes the costs involved in building a home can be intimidating and discouraging so we are here with some ways to help you cut costs on your home construction and make owning your home realistic.

1. Budgets and Project Timeframe:

When Building a house, have a realistic budget and a speculated period that the house can be built then tailor your building plans to suit it. Emphasis here is on “realistic” having a budget of three million naira for a Duplex is unrealistic and cannot be achieved without cutting corners. Realistic budgets can be gotten by asking engineers for estimates. Determine how long you want the project to last. Houses can be built at once or in phases depending on available resources.

2. Type of House:

The major costs in construction is the amount of raw materials that go into building the house that you desire and to cut costs it would be largely dependent on the type of home you’re building. Constructing a five (5) Bedroom Duplex costs more than a five (5) Bedroom Bungalow. To successfully cut costs here, you would need to work with an architect who is skilled in designing homes that are cost effective.

3. Soil Structure:

Soil structure varies from place to place and this can affect the cost of Building a house on the land. The type of foundation used for the house will be determined by the type of house being built and the soil structure. Its advised that a soil test be conducted before construction commences but as a rule of thumb lands on the mainland generally costs less to build foundations than lands on the Island. Having this in mind before purchasing land for a home can greatly reduce the cost of building your house in general.

4. Home Finishing:

Another major cost in home Construction fall into this category. Things like Roofing, Ceilings, Flooring largely affect the cost of building a home. There are various alternatives for every material that you might want, the trick is to be flexible.

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