It is no secret that to make money in 2020, you would either need to have in-demand skills to make money or you would need to leverage the skills of other people. In this article, I will be exposing five things that you can do to make money for yourself in 2020.


Affiliate Marketing

It’s no news that affiliate marketing is globally becoming one of the best ways of making money with no exception to Nigeria and that is mostly a result of the ease of getting on board this income stream. Affiliate marketing affords you the ability in sharing in the income proceeds of a business without being in the organization. It’s an offer by an organization to earn a certain percentage of the sales if you would recommend their products to other people. Most organizations have since realized how effective this marketing structure is and are beginning to adopt this strategy to push their product and services in the market.

There are various platforms that serve as a market place for Affiliates depending on the kind of product being sold. For the Nigerian market, we have platforms like Expertnaire and on the foreign scene we have platforms like ClickBank, JVZoo

If getting on these platforms seem to be a hurdle be aware that Affiliate marketing is not limited to these platforms alone, some organizations often make these systems public and if you find a company that you like their products and you feel they would be a good fit for your audience, be bold enough to approach them and ask for commissions for the sales that you bring.

Is Affiliate marketing for me: Before you go on to pursue affiliate marketing, you must be sure that affiliate marketing is a right fit for you, To succeed in this field you must have an existing audience or know how to create an audience that would be interested in the products you would recommend.

 Digital Marketing

In 2020 digital marketing has come to stay and has changed the whole marketing and advertising industry. Brands have come to understand the importance of utilizing digital platforms to reach their customers and gain market share, with that comes the need for companies to require digital marketing expertise. A simple way to position yourself for this kind of opportunity is by learning essential digital marketing skills which includes

  1. Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  2. Email marketing (Lead generation and Automation)
  3. Google Adsense
  4. Sms marketing
  5. Website Management and Blogging (SEO optimization).

Graphic Designing

The demand for graphics in marketing and branding (Corporate and Personal) has continued to soar and graphic designing is considered one of the top ten in-demand skills in the world. The existing demand for this skillset makes it one of your ticket to making money in 2020 if you master it and keep it in your arsenal. Even content creators are not left out in this, now content creators who have basic design skills are more attractive compared to those who do not. A simple way of learning graphic design without having to create designs from scratch is by going through this Canva video tutorial for social media managers, personal brands, and anyone who wants to learn graphic design in a short time.

Asides working for organizations Graphic designers can choose to provide their services and earn foreign exchange on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Create Online Courses

Online Tutoring has continued to increase in demand in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and is a great avenue for generating revenue. The information overload which is as a result of the internet has birthed the need for specialized and in-depth knowledge in a subject matter. Now people are willing to document their experiences, expertise, and package them into products. Creating an online course is a great way of creating income streams and making money for oneself this 2020. Find a niche that you have enough expertise in and break them down to courses (audio or video format) or compile them into an ebook and sell. To make this entire process easy, you might require the services of someone who can help automate the entire process for you and package it into a course.

Video Content Creators

Video creation has become the new in-demand and converted skill by both brands and individuals. A quick way to stand out in this area is to infuse creativity in video creation and to focus on a niche. The more specialized you are the better your chances of attracting the right clients and you’ll be on your way to making money for yourself this 2020.

All these might look like a hurdle but in reality, it can only take about three months to master these skills enough to begin to earn income from any of them. The trick to it is to make a decision and start now.


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